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Steve Lawrence CEO and Founder of Pedagogical Concepts is committed to creating and cultivating an authentic church experience that glorifies God and exceeds all expectations. His unwavering compassion for people along with his faithfullness to establish a clear understanding of PURPOSE, POWER, and REVELATION will continue yielding great results in the Kingdom of God. 



Ped·a·go·gy  (pd-gj, -gj)
1. The art or profession of teaching.
2. Preparatory training or instruction.

Pedagogical Concepts is a company committed to the art of preparatory training and instruction of those leaders and laity that work in the area of Music and Fine Arts.  This company, through careful analysis and observation, provides its clients with the tools and strategies that are guaranteed to exponentially impact the spirituality and musicality of the various entities within Music and Fine Arts department.  The programs developed by the company are designed not only to impact the growth of the department but to impact the overall economy of the church.